Nottingham Sycamore Table Tennis Academy

Brendan Lawrence Centre, Hungerhill Road, St Anns, Nottingham, NG3 4NB


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Sycamore has daytime sessions twice per week - Monday morning (MAM) and Wednesday morning (WAM) sections of the club have been in existence since the club was formed in September 1994.

Many of our players that attend are "retired", however, some are self employed, others shift workers, home makers and if fact anyone who is free and fancies a game in the mornings. Even though some members of this section are in their 60s, 70s and a few in their 80s (and are members of the club league teams) competition is hot at the table yet supportive and social when everyone gathers for a coffee and chat at half-time.

During the course of the year we build on our wide sporting relationships with friends from the Knighton Park Club at Leicester and also the Draycott & Long Eaton Club by challenging their over-50's groups to home and away tournaments, where we play for trophies which we win regularly, win or lose, these are always fun.

So far as club competitions are concerned, two are played annually, The LEN MAYFIELD doubles competition and The YOKO KUSUMI trophy competition both named after former members.

The sessions are overseen by the two duty officers, Janet THOMAS and Paul BLOOMER who also collect the subscriptions - see below.

If you have anything you would like putting on this section of the website, please contact Janet or Paul.